The State of the Gospel in Japan

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As one of the most developed nations in the world, Japan is surprisingly unreached with the Gospel. Only 0.8% of the population are professing an evangelical Christian faith. This tiny number is declining as fewer young people are coming to faith in Christ. With every passing year, the average age of Christian believers is creeping higher. If this trend continues, the church will all but disappear in Japan…


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  1. thanks for this video. Can you put the video on a mail and /or a share function for Facebook ? I have a Chinese friend who came to Christ, partly through my testimony, and I’d like to share it with her via mail or facebook.

    I was a programmer for FEBC in 1975…at KGEI in San Francisco, producing a magazine show for broadcast to Japan in English, along with Mike Sukigara, who produced a simillar show in Japanese..

    My broadcasting career, ages ago, was odd: Early on, I programmed Christian themed songs to go with a secular music list at a secular station. Then, at KGEI, I programmed some good secular music to go with Christian music at KGEI. I guess I went full circle in how God used me, in both ways.

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  2. Hello from the Philippines. this statistics of christianity in japan is indeed far when compared here in our country. But I believe in the Sovereign plan of God to save to the uttermost that includes Japan. I am considering to work in Japan in the near future, Godwilling, so i wanted to know the situation. It is a privilege to be part of what God is doing through FEBC by being a prayer partner.

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