VIDEO: Lida’s Story

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“My husband cheated on me with my own mother, forcing me to leave my home.”
With tears streaming down her face, Lida tells her story with the courage of a woman who has been through it all.

Forced to leave her entire life behind, Lida struggled everyday to sell flowers on the street. Drifting from village to village, Lida felt like a flower herself, “wandering, floating on the water with nowhere to go.”

“I was hurt so bad that it felt like someone was killing me while I was still alive.”

After marrying a second time, her husband struggled to find work, and was forced to leave Cambodia for Thailand. Desperate, alone, and without any motivation to live, Lida was walking through her village, when she heard sounds coming from a neighbor’s house. She stopped to listen. What she heard would forever change her life.

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