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We’re encouraged every day by the stories we hear from our listeners. This month, we have a story relayed to us from Jonathan Mortiz, an FEBC staff member in Thailand, who tells the story of a young courier (seen in the picture above) who delivered a package to our Bangkok office and was persuaded to enroll in our Bible Correspondence Course.

Jonathan writes, “Manas is a courier for a well-known online service company here in Thailand. Last time he delivered goods to our office, he discovered that we are a Christian organization. He told us he had lived a very bad life, growing up in the slums Bangkok, but that he wanted to change. Our staff immediately encouraged him to enroll in our Bible correspondence course, which he excitedly signed up for.

“Several days later he came back to deliver another package, and excitedly shared he was on his first Bible study lesson in the course. I told him that many people are praying for him and that our staff would connect him to a church where he lives.

“God’s timing is perfect. Now we have another student in our more than 23,000, who are active in our Bible Correspondence Course…another precious life following the footsteps of our Lord and Savior.”

Since this initial update, Jonathan shared this news with us recently:

“God’s story continues in his life. Since June 13, Manas expedited his study of Jesus via the Bible Correspondence Course. He is like a sponge. Every week, he devours the material and submitted his lessons in person to the office, and got new ones…finishing 12 lessons in a month’s time. He received all 3 certificates (3 themes/topics) on July 15.

“Now, Manas is attending a local church where our staff goes to, and is being discipled. His father saw a big change in him. He noticed that his son no longer goes out at night to party with friends. When he asked him; Manas said he’s finishing his Bible lessons. Now, his Dad wants to take the course too. But unfortunately, he doesn’t read nor write. Our staff gave him a MP3 copy of the Bible to listen to and also encouraged him to listen to our programs. (Another God-story in the making.)

“Manas is no longer only a courier of an online service company, but he is now a courier of His Gospel! And God’s story will continue on.”

We praise the Lord for this wonderful progress, and also ask that you keep his father in your prayers, that he would take up the studying of The Word with the same vigor as his son!

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  1. Thank you for sharing that amazing story of the Holy Spirit working in this young man’s life. I will pray for him and his father.
    I feel like all the comforts that we have here in the US rob us of what we could have in a life with Christ. I am thinking now of my adult children who seem to have walked away and it breaks my heart. I pray for them daily for God to soften their hearts and open their eyes to the truth and saving grace of Jesus Christ. Please, please pray for them. I would be eternally grateful.

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