Malawi Officially Joins FEBC International

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FEBC International has officially welcomed Malawi into the family as an affiliate member. During a recent International Council Conference (ICC), FEBC’s South Africa director, Dr. Jurie Vermeulen, recommended that Malawi become an affiliate member of FEBC International.

The new status of FEBC’s team in Malawi will help increase funding and resources. In the past, FEBC’s team in Malawi was funded solely by board members and FEBC South Africa. This increase in funding and support will especially impact FEBC’s ministry to the Yao people in Malawi, which has seen tremendous fruit in recent years. The Yao people currently make up 25% of Malawi’s population of 18 million people but only 2% of Yao people know Christ.

The specific fruit that FEBC has seen from ministering to the Yao people is the formation of listener clubs. Since 1991, 5,200 listener clubs have formed in Malawi, each made up of 5-20 people. Additionally, FEBC’s team in Malawi received 2,500 phone calls from listeners in 2018 and has seen over 40 Muslims baptized this year alone.

Going forward, much prayer is needed for FEBC’s Malawi team. First, they are still waiting to receive approval for the FM broadcasting license they applied for over a year and a half ago. Second, they are in need of a new office space, new equipment, transportation and staff. Third, there are concerns about malaria and ongoing threats from Muslims. Please pray.

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  1. My wife and I are vitally interested in FEBC ministry and also in Malawi. We send cartons of Bibles and study material to several ministries in Malawi. Do you have programmers who would benefit from a carton of evangelical study material.? All in English. Is it OK to mail a 10 or 12 kg carton to you. We were encouraged by the Loius Palau organization meetings some time back and the co-operation of many churches.

    God bless your ministry and each of your team.
    Graeme and Elizabeth Furlong.

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