Field Updates from FEBC’s Cambodia Team

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FEBC’s Cambodia team has been very active in recent weeks. The Voice of Love team started things off by hosting a special Valentine’s Day program. Shortly after, FEBC staff members travelled to Kratie Province to check in with local listeners and the Family FM team attended a crusade concert at a local church in Prey Veng Province.

The Valentine’s Day program was hosted through Voice of Love’s Facebook Live page. Using social media platforms like this has been crucial to making FEBC’s broadcasts available to people with restricted or weak radio signals. When visiting listeners in Kratie Province, FEBC’s team encouraged listeners to tune in via their Facebook Live page in the event that their radio signal is down.

While the church conducted evangelism outreach at the crusade concert, Family FM had the opportunity to promote FEBC’s broadcasts to almost 1,000 people. Local staff members also donated 43 radios and gift bags, which were handed out to villagers and new believers.

“I’ve listened to Family FM Radio for a long time,” said Mr. T, a listener from Kratie Province. While I’m listening to the Family Radio I am grateful that God is our real God. God’s loves never ends, he loves everyone even though we are sinners. Family Radio is blessed from God by showing love to the listener and I am grateful that Family Radio is here for Cambodians.”

Praise God for His power to always open a new door. Whether it be through our radio broadcasts, social media, or the local church, the Lord never ceases to provide ways to make His name known among His people. Please pray that these doors, especially to Cambodia, would remain open and available to FEBC.

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