FEBC Celebrates World Radio Day in Islamic Country

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FEBC celebrated World Radio Day on February 13 with local listeners in an Islamic country, whose specific name is being withheld for safety concerns. The theme for this year’s celebration was “dialogue, tolerance and peace.” In honor of the day, radio listener clubs throughout the country organized special activities for members to participate in.

World Radio Day was first established in 2011 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, a special agency of the United Nations. The day celebrates radio as a medium of communication and education.

According to FEBC’s director in this country, this year’s topic was very relevant and effective. “A number of listeners responded to us via text messages, calls and shared several pictures on social media. Most of the appreciated the positive role of FEBA in [our country],” he said.

During one of the special programs, the chief editor of a local spiritual magazine, who is also a faithful listener of FEBC’s broadcasts, shared a poem on the air.

Throughout the day, FEBC’s staff asked listeners to reflect on these questions: “What have you learned from the radio? What role has the radio played in your life.” Many of the listeners’ responses reflect the powerful impact of FEBC’s radio ministry.

“Radio is like a teacher to me, who is guiding and nurturing us through thick and thin,” said a listener.

“The radio is like my advisor who cares about me. It can take care of our spiritual, ethical and social needs,” said another listener.

“Radio is not past, it is our future. We are united because of radio broadcasts!”

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