Woman in Myanmar Touched by Sermon from FEBC President


On a recent trip to Myanmar (Burma) around Christmastime, FEBC President Ed Cannon gave a sermon at a local house church about the wise men who visited Jesus. One young Burmese woman in the audience named *Beth asked several questions after the sermon and wanted to learn more, so she wrote Ed and told her story. Here’s what she said:

Beth’s Email to Ed Cannon:

“Hi! Let me introduce myself, my name is Beth and I am from a small Lisu village (a tribe in Myanmar).

“I wanted to write to ask you how I can be a wise girl like the men in the Bible. I don’t have precious presents for Jesus like the wise men. They were very rich and well-educated, but I have nothing except my love of God.

“I want to know His words more and more, like you do. But I don’t have any Bible knowledge.  Since I was young, I wanted to know about these wise men that you preached about today but there were no pastors in my village who could answer my questions.  If I asked too many questions, they would get angry.

“They would say, “Just believe in the Bible!” and “Nobody knows the Bible perfectly.”

“I still have many questions, but I don’t know how to study the Bible because my education is not very good and I have no money to join a good Bible School.

“Nevertheless, I want to thank you for today and for your email, I know that you are very busy. Today after I finished hearing your sermon, I realized that our God is the only one whose plans I can trust, and that God loves us so much. Thank You!”

Ed Cannon’s Response to Beth:

“Yes, [Beth] I believe you are already on your way to being a very wise girl. You are seeking Christ, which is just like the wise men of the Christmas story! None of us are born with Bible knowledge, but we gain it by reading the Bible, by asking God through prayer for wisdom, and by learning from wise men and women who know the Bible through years of reading and study.

“Jesus does not need expensive gifts, nor do you have to be wise to please Jesus. The only thing He requires is for you to place your faith in Him and love Him with all your heart.

“If you send me your mailing address, I will send you a study Bible. Remember, God will strengthen you as you seek Him with all your heart.

Mathew 7:8 says, “Everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks the door will be opened.”  Keep seeking Him, [Beth] and He will find you!

“Please stay in touch.”

In Christ
– Ed Cannon

* Name changed to protect identity