On March 12, FEBC invited listeners from around the world to participate in a special day of prayer. Together, listeners asked God to bless the work of FEBC’s ministry and guide FEBC throughout 2019. This day of prayer coincided with FEBC’s annual IC Conference—a time when country directors come together and discuss ways that they can be more effective in reaching people with the gospel.

In conjunction with FEBC’s annual Day of Prayer, FEBC country directors and Board Chairmen from 22 countries met March 11-15, 2019 to attend the International Council Conference held in Taipei, Taiwan. A total of 64 attended the 4 day event.

This annual conference allows directors to meet face-to-face to establish goals, share the rewards and challenges of their ministry field, strategize solutions for challenges and most importantly, to pray together and seek God’s direction in the year ahead. Prayer concerns from each country are placed on posters and positioned around the walls of the conference room.

On March 12, 2019, FEBC’s Day of Prayer, directors set aside time from business meetings to walk around the conference room, study the prayer requests and pray for individual concerns. The posters remained on the wall throughout the conference, making it possible to continue prayer throughout the week.

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