To The Hard To Reach

“Radio is proven to be one of the greatest tools for evangelism and discipleship. I highly recommend Far East Broadcasting Company, an organization of unquestioned integrity that is worthy of your prayers and support.”

– Dr. James Dobson

Every day FEBC reaches millions of people in more than 100 languages and 40 countries. You can help provide radios that will impact people with the life-transforming gospel message. Why are radios so important? Because they can reach populations that others can’t:


Hard to Reach Places
Inaccesible by Road


Across Borders Where
Missionaries Can’t Go


793 Million People
Who Can’t Read

Last year FEBC distributed almost 10,000 radios to people in Myanmar, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Russia. When we asked our field directors to project their radio needs this year, we immediately received requests for 15,000!

The fields listed below have issued an urgent request for our help to fulfill their radio needs, but we’ve unfortunately had to put them on a waiting list until funds can be secured to purchase them.

The fields are:

Radios are Crucial

It’s crucial that FEBC provide our listeners with radios. In fact, few things undermine the impact of our broadcasts more than our target audience being without radios. Yet this is a common problem in many remote and poverty-stricken regions where we broadcast the gospel.

In some cases, our listeners have no access to electricity, and a family or village can only listen to our broadcasts if we provide wind-up or battery-operated radios. In other cases, our audience is so poor they could never afford to purchase a radio on their own.

What we have learned is this: when launching a new station or language broadcast, we must also distribute radios as part of that effort. That’s why our fields have placed such a high priority on radio distribution and why they have issued an urgent request for 15,000 radios needed now.

The Impact of Giving One Radio

The cost of purchasing and placing one radio in the hands of a truly needy listener is $30. And according to our international leaders, one radio often impacts at least 25 people in developing areas. This means the 15,000 radios could make it possible for 375,000 people to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!