David and Vicki Creel

Joined FEBC: 1990
Hometown: Gasden, Alabama
Contact: E-mail David at dcreel@febc.org

David has been a missionary with FEBC since 1990 serving in Saipan for 18 years. During that time, he served as a broadcast engineer for international shortwave radio station KFBS which broadcasts the Gospel to many closed countries in Asia including Russia, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

In 2008, David was assigned to work with partner radio ministry Galcom International  building Christian radio stations around the world.

Vicki is from the Philippines and has been a missionary since 1997.  She served in China for 12 years working with children, sharing Christ, and training church workers.  More recently, she has worked with SIFAT (Servant in Faith and Technology) in Bolivia and Alabama.  While working with SIFAT, Vicki helped train church and community leaders from around the world in community development and practical technology.

David & Vicki were married in April 2014 and are now serving together with FEBC’s International Service Team.  In their new role, they will be providing engineering support for FEBC’s radio stations located throughout Asia.

David and Vicki Creel Share Their Heart for Missions