Bob and Barbara Bartz

Family: Emily & Nathan
Joined FEBC: 1989
Hometown: Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Blog: Bartz Signal Online

Bob and Barb Bartz began their service with FEBC as missionaries in 1989 when the family moved to the Philippines. During their 17 years of ministry from this base of operation, Bob filled a variety of engineering and management roles in the organization. In 2007, Bob was called to a ministry development role in Africa, working to grow effective media projects that would impact communities and introduce people to Jesus across southern and eastern Africa with Feba Radio and TWR-Africa. Then, in 2015, Bob and Barb relocated to Jakarta, Indonesia where they both serve with FEBC’s International Service Team, serving not only in Indonesia but across the FEBC world.

Bob serves with FEBC as part of the International Service Team (IST). He leads the Content, Audience, and Research (CAR) team that mobilizes support resources vital to successful media ministry across FEBC’s multiple cultures around the world. He is currently rolling out a content planning workshop called Content in Context which not only supports FEBC media teams but invites teams from other media ministries to participate, as well. As teams develop their content strategies, they also experience opportunities to cooperate with one another and discover new approaches to reach their listeners with the gospel.

Barb serves in the International Service Team as the Administrative team leader. On a part-time basis, she works with a team of three others to look after the administrative needs of the team, as well as the broader FEBC International Association.  She also provides administrative support for international activities and conferences.


Their son, Nathan, is currently working in Florida.

Their daughter, Emily, and her husband, Alex, are both pursuing doctoral degrees in English and electrical engineering respectively at Texas A&M University.

Bob enjoys investing his time in the worship of God as a musician and songwriter. He continues to lead worship in various locations and is active in the worship ministry at their church in Jakarta. He shares his own songs at a variety of events, seeking to move audiences into a deeper relationship with God. He encourages, trains, and disciples other musicians to use their talents for leading others to God. In his volunteer role as a Lausanne Arts Advocate in southeast Asia, he fosters conversations and initiatives among artists in the church to introduce the Gospel through the arts, furthering the Great Commission.

Barb remains active in inductive Bible studies and encouraging other women to grow in their understanding of God’s word. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and spending time at the gym.  Barb and Bob enjoy the opportunities they have to explore Southeast Asia.

Bob and Barb Bartz’s Ministry