The devastation and trauma brought on by the Russian invasion of Ukraine is hard to put into words. It will take years to rebuild and even longer for the wounds in people’s hearts to heal. Millions of families have been separated. Many have died. Millions are suffering.

We believe Ukraine has one hope—the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our teams of Gospel broadcasters are still in Ukraine. They continue to broadcast 24/7 throughout the war—reading God’s Word on the air, inviting terrified listeners to give their lives to Jesus, and providing Christian counseling services and prayer for those who call in. The work is exhausting and we are burning through resources quickly. Your financial support is needed now.

Your support will help:

  • Keep Gospel broadcasts on the air
  • Make repairs to damaged radio stations (there are several)
  • Provide radios to soldiers, widows, and the vulnerable people
  • Add counselors to handle the massive number of listeners calling in for prayer and help
  • Provide for basic needs of dozens of FEBC broadcasters and staff who have fled with their families and likely lost everything

Please make your urgently needed gift today.

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