Millions of unreached men, women, and children across the post-Soviet “-stan” countries of Central Asia are tuning in to hear the hope of the Gospel through FEBC’s powerful stations broadcasting on FM radio, shortwave, and the internet.

After hearing a broadcast, curious listeners often make calls, send letters, emails, and texts to Ryana* and other FEBC broadcasters who do their best to answer their questions—and, if they can, lead those who seek Him to faith in Jesus Christ.

But funding is critical to continue broadcasting to a region where radio may be the only way some people will hear they have a Savior in Jesus Christ!

Please give generously now to raise the $200,000 needed to reach millions of people across Central Asia with the Gospel through FEBC broadcasts, and to help ensure our bold broadcasters continue to connect with listeners who are hungry to know the truth!

*Name changed to protect identity.


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