We have an amazing opportunity now to reach Mongolia’s unreached people with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

This is important because Mongolia is a nation flanked by two giants, Russia and China. And, nearly 99% of the people of Mongolia are Buddhist, Muslim, or followers of the Mongol shamanic tradition (seeking guidance from idols, demons, and ancestral spirits).

Because of its location and the remoteness of its people, there has been very little Christian witness to share the hope of the Gospel with people who live in spiritual darkness . . .

But God has given FEBC an opportunity to add 5 new radio stations that can broadcast the Good News into major population centers of Mongolia, seven days a week!

Miraculously, the Mongolian government has already approved the licenses! But there is a stipulation that the radio signal must be on the air soon or this opportunity will be lost to us.

If this opportunity is lost, it is unlikely that FEBC would be granted these licenses again, certainly not if China or Russia assert their influence. In a sense, it’s now or never!

The cost to build and bring each station on-air is $58,000—that’s a total of $290,000 to help reach the people of Mongolia with the saving message of Jesus Christ.

God has used FEBC broadcasts for over 75 years to reach into spiritually dark places and transform lives around the world through the power of the Gospel . . . please make a generous gift now to bring these stations to life for people in desperate need of the hope that only comes from God’s Word.

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