Every year, 65 million people in the world die. That’s 120 people each minute! How many die without truly knowing their Savior, Jesus Christ?

You can help reach the unreached for Jesus Christ today. For over 75 years, Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) has been broadcasting the Gospel into spiritually dark places to share hope for this life and eternity.

Right now, FEBC is broadcasting in 50 countries around the world in 145 languages, from remote jungles to densely populated cities. These Gospel broadcasts are crossing borders that are hostile to the Good News so unreached people may have a chance to hear the Gospel and come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Untold thousands are tuning in and hearing that they have a savior in Christ Jesus who loves them so much, He died on the cross for them! They are hearing that there is hope for this life and that they have a place with God for eternity! But we cannot continue to broadcast the Gospel to reach them without the help of friends like you . . .

Please give generously now to broadcast the hope of the Gospel to people who are searching—in a language they can understand!

Please give now to reach millions of unreached people, helping to raise the $250,000 needed immediately to continue these crucial broadcasts, and God willing—to expand outreach to people who have yet to meet their Savior.

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