Untold millions of the world’s most persecuted people are within earshot of FEBC’s Gospel broadcasting. Many Christians in these countries are suffering intimidation and outright persecution.

In some nations, regulations forbid parents from bringing any child to church. In others, believers are watching as their churches are razed, Bibles confiscated, and the crime for evangelization or fellowship with others can mean brutal re-education camps. Or worse.

These countries have proven that they will stop at almost nothing to keep the Gospel from reaching the unreached . . . but there is hope. That’s why your prayers and partnership with FEBC is so important!

FEBC broadcasts can cross all borders and boundaries, sharing the Gospel and encouraging the faithful, while introducing the Savior to those who have yet to meet Him—but only with your help now.

Please give generously to immediately expand FEBC’s outreach to deliver the hope of the Gospel and solid biblical teaching to people who have yet to hear the Good News, and to strengthen isolated, persecuted Christians.

For nearly 75 years FEBC has been broadcasting into countries that are officially closed to the Gospel, yet God has proven time and again that our broadcasts can cross any border. We have seen that when our broadcasts get into a closed country, hope and joy crush a lifetime of fear and despair.

Imagine what happens when people living in spiritual darkness hear uplifting Christian music and talk shows offering a biblical perspective on parenting, marriage, and more. Imagine when they hear the Gospel and learn of Jesus’ love and sacrifice—for the first time!

Your gift now could change life—and eternity—for millions of unreached men, women, and children who might never hear the Gospel any other way!

Please give generously to help raise the $250,000 needed immediately to expand broadcasts and provide biblical programming that will share God’s Word with people in some of our world’s hardest to reach places.


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