Background on Cambodia

Cambodia-Angkor-WatGovernment: multiparty democracy under a constitutional monarchy
Capital: Phnom Penh
Population: 15.45 million (2012)- Khmer 90%, Vietnamese 5%, Chinese 1%, other 4%
Religion: Theravada Buddhism (official) 95%, Christianity 1+%, Islam, Animism
Languages: Khmer (official) 95%, English increasingly popular as 2nd language; French used sparingly i.e. medical education

FEBC in Cambodia

In 1957, years before the word ‘genocide’ was associated with Cambodia, FEBC began broadcasting the Gospel into the country of Cambodia from its shortwave station in the Philippines. Broadcasts continued into Cambodia as the turbulence of the Vietnam War spilled across its borders, ravaging its land and people. Meanwhile, Samoeun Chan Intal, born and raised in Cambodia, joined FEBC Philippines in 1976, where she was being prepared by God to begin a radio ministry inside Cambodia. In 1993, she returned to Cambodia with her Filipino husband Robledo and their three sons. There they trained Khmer people to produce radio programs. In 1995, the government allowed national programmers to establish FEBCambodia’s first office and studio in the capital of Phnom Penh.


Reaching People Beyond Borders


95% of the Population Practices Buddhism


50% (7 Million) Within FM Range

In March 2002, Family FM 99.5 went on the air using a 500-watt transmitter. In January 2004, Family FM began broadcasting via a 10-kilowatt transmitter, allowing the station to reach a potential audience of half the country’s population.  In November 2014, a new 10 kilowatt Nautel transmitter was installed, allowing Family FM to reach almost 2/3 of Cambodia’s population. In October 2016, a 500 watt relay station in Kampong Thom Province was launched (99.8) to reach provinces previously unreachable.

Cambodia Ministry Highlights

Local Broadcasts

Family FM 99.5 in Phnom Penh broadcasts 16.5 hours daily, mostly in Khmer.  The schedule also includes a daily fifteen-minute English language program for English learners.

Community Development

FEBCambodia works with other Christian ministries and NGOs to improve the quality of life for the Cambodian people through radio programming, community outreach, radio distribution, family and marriage seminars, child development, water purification, and other compassion projects.  Helping people and families to heal from the devastating effects of the genocide continues to be an on-going focus.

International Broadcasting

Shortwave broadcasts from the Philippines is heard one hour each day in the morning and the evening in the Khmer language. Shortwave broadcasts in Khmer from the Philippines is heard 2 hours each evening.

Listener Response

In 2015, 5,931 listeners called, emailed, texted or visited FEBCambodia.

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