Robert Bowman is Born


Bowman is Born

On March 16, 1915, Bob Bowman is born into a godly home with four older siblings. In this photo are his parents and siblings.


Robert Bowman Comes to Christ



April, 1933: At this point, Bob Bowman considered himself a “prodigal son.” But at eighteen, he responded to the call of Jesus to follow Him and become a “fisher of men.”


The Beginning of Bowman’s Ministry



September, 1933: Bob Bowman begins his first term at Bible school. This was a highly influential year for Bob, particularly because he met his future wife, Eleanor Guthrie, and began developing a passion for the Gospel that would last a lifetime.


Bowman Joins Quartet Radio Ministry


Timeline 0.03

February, 1934: Bob Bowman was invited to join Haven of Rest, as a member of a quartet that evangelized on the radio. It was here that God began to alter Bob’s life course for years to come.


Bob and Eleanor Bowman are Married


Bob & Eleanor Bowman

May, 1937: Bob and Eleanor Bowman were married at Havens Court Colonial Church in Oakland, CA. She has been Bob’s love, inspiration, and partner in the Lord’s work for over seventy-six years.


FEBC Incorporated



December, 1945: FEBC is incorporated in Los Angeles, California. John Broger, President; Robert H. Bowman, Vice President; William J. Roberts, Executive Secretary are the original officers of FEBC. The goal was to use the radio to bring nonbelievers in far away places to Jesus Christ.


Bob Leaves “Haven of Rest”


haven of rest

On May 1, 1946, Bob Bowman gave his farewell address on the “Haven of Rest” broadcast.  It was difficult to leave the beloved ministry where he worked for 12 years; however, he knew he had much work to do at FEBC to bring the Gospel to the Far East.


Sending Out the Call for Christ


timeline 2

March, 1947: First “Call of the Orient” promotional radio program airs on stations in the U.S.


Bowman Family Leaves for Manila



February, 1948: The joy of the Lord inspired and encouraged Bob Bowman, as he prepared to join others in the Philippines to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.


FEBC Acquired First Broadcast Station


Timeline 3

July, 1948: KZAS is officially dedicated as FEBC’s first broadcast station. From the left, Leoni Ty, First Vice President of FEBC Philippines; Justice Manuel Briones, Secretary of Justice Ramon Ozaeta; Dr. Enrique Sobrepena, Pastor of the United Church in Manila (also one of the framers of the Philippines Constitution in 1935); John Broger.


Bowman Brings Encouragement to Manila



July, 1948: Invitations to KZAS dedication are sent throughout Manila. Bob also makes friends with Filipino Children.


Bowman at the Microphone


bowman microphone

February, 1950: FEBC Co-Founder Bob Bowman personally broadcasts the message of Christ on DZAS.


FEBC Growing


Timeline 5

March, 1953: Seven transmitters are now in operation at the Karuhatan site: DZAS, DZB2, DZH6 for Philippines coverage, and DZH7, DZH8, DZH9 and DZI6 for overseas service.


Bowman Appointed President of FEBC


Timeline 6.5

February, 1960: Robert Bowman, co-founder and vice-president of FEBC, is appointed president of the organization. He replaces John Broger, who leaves FEBC to work with Armed Forces Radio in Washington, D.C.


FEBC Expands



By 1961, FEBC had expanded to 15 stations: five AM medium wave, one FM and nine shortwave stations broadcasting to Asia and the Soviet Union. Under astounding circumstances, FEBC obtained international station KGEI in San Francisco and began broadcasting to all of Latin America.


Bowman Hosts 20th Anniversary of DZAS


Timeline 7.5

June, 1968: Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos visits FEBC Manila for the 20th anniversary of DZAS. The principal figures in the photo are Robert H. Bowman, Max Atienza (black suit.), Hahn Browne (FEBC press liaison), President Marcos.


FEBC Influence Increases in China


Timeline 8

February, 1971: Land purchased on Cheju (Jeju) Island, South Korea for an AM station to broadcast to China.


FEBC Begins Offering Formal Biblical Education


timeline 10.5

May, 1982: Bowman’s influence at FEBC continues with the development of the Biblical Education for All through Media (BEAM) program to train people up in the Word of the Lord.


Bob Bowman Retires



In January 1992, Dr. Robert Bowman, co-founder and President, retires from FEBC.


Over Five Hundred Hours Broadcasted Daily



December, 2000: FEBC International raises total broadcast hours to over 500 hours daily to boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Bob Bowman Joins the Lord




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