Update from Rural Church in Western Mongolia


In January, FEBC’s “Thru the Bible” program coordinator, Pastor Sammy, visited a province in Western Mongolia. This month, we received updates from an elder at one of the rural churches he visited. FEBC’s bible studies, which are available via SD card, are helping to spiritually nurture the widespread members of the church for whom it is difficult to gather together regularly.

For other geographically sparse countries, like Mongolia, FEBC’s diverse radio ministry plays a crucial role in continuing the spiritual nourishment and growth of believers. Even if Internet connections are slow and radio signals are weak, FEBC can deliver biblical messages via SD cards to ensure that rural listeners still have access to God’s Word.

Please pray for the Mongolian church. Many believers in this region are young in their faith and in need of Christian teaching, which can help them go deeper in their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.

Pray also for Pastor Sammy who continues to travel around, talk with men and women, and share the good news of Jesus Christ with them.