Free Medical Camps by FEBC Pakistan Sow Seeds of Faith


FEBC Pakistan recently set up free medical camps in conjunction with a youth ministry for 500 people living in the slums of Gujranwala, Pakistan. The people who live there do not even have access to basic medical care, and were extremely grateful to receive checkups for major diseases like Hepatitis, diabetes, gynecology issues and other blood diseases. The participants belong to a very marginalized class and admitted that this is the first time they are getting this free medical facility and blood tests in their life.

The camps help establish FEBC Pakistan’s presence in a country that is almost entirely Muslim and generally hostile to the Gospel. With camps like this, barriers put up by many people to the Gospel are being broken down when they see the generosity of the staff in providing something of great value for free.

Pray for this community that they would be interested to know more about Jesus Christ through these camps, as well as our staff who share the Gospel at great personal risk.