Update from Myanmar: “We decided to give up Buddhism and follow God”


Although Myanmar is resource rich, it is considered one of the poorest countries in the world. With very little educational structure and a largely uneducated workforce, people suffer from poverty, hunger, and human rights violations, including child labor, human trafficking and a lack of freedom of speech.

Testimonies of Transformation
Despite these challenges, God is at work! Through your generous donations, daily FEBC broadcasts share the Good News of Jesus Christ and testimonies of changed lives arrive at our office on a regular basis.

“In one of your programs, you said that a person’s life will become unique and different after they turn to the Lord, and I have to say that this has happened to me. Through your broadcasts and messages, my life has been transformed and I have become a new person.” – Raju

Partnering with the Local Church
One of the top priorities for FEBC- Myanmar is partnership with the local church. Recent collaboration with more than 24 local congregations has resulted in pastoral guest spots on local broadcasts, radio distribution in remote locations, and the development of new strategies for coordinated ministry efforts.

Buddhism Prepares People for the Gospel
With world-wide media attention bringing new hope for economic improvements and technological advancements to his country, FEBC-Myanmar’s Director, is eager to reach more of his people with the Good News. “With less than 10% of the population professing Christianity we have a lot of work to do. I believe that Buddhism ’prepares people for the Gospel’ because their faith expects individuals to improve their lot through their own strength. Once they realize their inability to release themselves from sin, it’s amazing how people are willing (through the power of the Holy Spirit) to come to the Lord.”