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With 2014 coming to an end, we’ve seen God work in incredible ways. Our God is great and in control—a fact he has demonstrated this year in both our successes and setbacks.

In places where Christianity barely existed, first generation churches are springing up everywhere. You helped raise over $69,000 to bring FEBC radio into countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.

In some of the Hardest to Reach areas of southeast Asia, your donations are sending the Gospel to villages crippled by fear of evil spirits, demonic presence and hopelessness. To date, you helped give 1,187 radios to those in Hardest to Reach areas, changing lives like those of Lida and Chann.

But, this was also a year of pain and hardship. The war in Eastern Ukraine forced many people to become refugees, shattered families, and in the midst of the fighting, our radio transmitter was destroyed by the rebels, taking us off the air.

In Cambodia, we lost funding for our Sunday Broadcasts, and in Pakistan, our programs were on the verge of going off the air.

Yet, the story doesn’t end here. Responding to the need for funding to keep Sunday broadcasts on the air in Cambodia, you gave $43,000 in just two months–enough to fund Sunday broadcasts for another entire year!

In Pakistan, we lost our main supporter for our broadcasts. Yet, you responded to this need, allowing us to continue our broadcasts into Pakistan.

And in Ukraine, we’re already working to install a new transmitter so our broadcasts in these areas can resume.

These setbacks and tragedies, while heartbreaking and difficult, ultimately made us rely more on God who is able. Only our great God could have accomplished all of this in 2014, and it is He that deserves all the glory.

May God bless you in this time of great thanksgiving to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

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