Along with the new evangelism center we raised funds for in February, there are now plans in Ukraine to establish two new radio stations in the cities of Mariinka and Pokrovsk by the end of the year. Both stations are located near Donetsk, one of the areas hit hardest by the conflict with Russian separatists that is still simmering in the region.

Our teams on the ground tell us daily shootings are a part of everyday life in these cities, and nearly everyone still living there has lost a friend or family member in the war.

For many young children in the region, war has raged around them for a good part of their life—they don’t know a world without it. The programs being aired here talk about the hope found in Jesus, and some of the programs are geared towards these children who are so used to war.

Along with these two stations, plans to establish the Evangelism center in Kiev are now underway, thanks to your generous support! The facility will serve Ukrainian media evangelists for generations, as we use traditional technologies like FM radio stations, as well as new tools that will help us reach millions of young Ukrainians throughout the country. We’ll have several studios for recording and broadcasting on multiple platforms, targeting different audiences.

God is doing truly great things in Ukraine, and we are so grateful for your financial support and prayers!

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