Last fall, Kyaw Noah* visited one of our ministry offices in Southeast Asia for the first time.  “I’m so glad to finally meet you,” he said.  “I’ve been listening to you on the radio since 2003.  It’s the only source of spiritual encouragement my family receives, especially your Bible messages.   We listen every day.”

A year earlier, Kyaw Noah had committed his life to the Lord, but there was much about the Bible he didn’t understand.  Listening to the radio all those years helped him develop his faith.  Now he eagerly shares the gospel with his neighbors who follow other traditions.  Wherever he goes, Kyaw introduces FEBC programs to people he meets.

Listener Serves as Radio Courier
Three weeks later Kyaw Noah visited us again.  “I’m concerned about the people who live in my district who don’t know the Lord.  They have no way of hearing the gospel because most of them have no radios,” he explained.  He told us about one village that owns only one radio and every night between 8:00 and 9:00, people flock to listen to our broadcasts.  Before he left our office that day, we gave him 5 radios and asked him to distribute them.

Seven weeks later, when Kyaw visited us again, he brought more than 20 letters he had collected from listeners in his district.  He later delivered our follow-up responses, since the postal service in this area is not very reliable.  He also told us he had distributed the radios we had given him, mentioning 2 in particular that were given to Saw Ae* and Moe Pine*.

Radios are Precious Commodities
Saw Ae and Moe Pine had never owned a radio.  They used to visit a mutual friend’s home to hear our broadcasts.  For Saw Ae this was not a major hardship, because he lived in the same village.  Moe Pine, however, lived 30 miles away.  But this didn’t prevent him from visiting his friend whenever possible to listen to FEBC broadcasts.  Both men now own their own radios, thanks to the generosity of FEBC donors who support our Give-A-Radio Program.

But this is just the beginning of our ministry’s impact in this district.  Kyaw Noah continues to help us introduce our broadcasts to people there, as well as collect letters from listeners.  And when funds become available, we’ll distribute more radios.

Giving a radio is a small investment…with a big return, often impacting numerous people in one family or village.  We know because we hear from people, like this woman from Indonesia who told us: “I cried when I received your radio.  Now my family is so happy and can listen to Christian programs whenever we want.”

If you’d like to put a radio in the hands of a listener or learn more about FEBC’s Give-A-Radio Program, please visit us online at givearadio.com or call us at 800-523-3480.

*Names have been changed for security purposes.


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