In the Central Asian countries of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, we receive many stories from women who face abuse, betrayal and heartbreak. But through FEBC programs, many find redemption and the peace that comes from relinquishing control to God. This is the case for 3 of our Central Asian listeners: Zhasir, Gulshat, and Laila. Here are their stories.

Zhasir:  “Your talk today about mistakes in our lives was very encouraging. I agree that the real problems are not our honest mistakes, but rather the repetition of long-standing mistakes. This means we did not learn from our past mistakes. However, even the lessons we learn could be a problem. I once shared something very personal with my friend, believing she would keep it confidential.. My friend disappointed me; after that,  I kept everything to myself. I became lonely and disengaged with others. It took me quite a while to overcome the depression I felt. To include God in such dilemmas, as you say, is a great idea. It feels good to make some baby steps in my relationship with God.”

Laila:  “I got pregnant with my boyfriend. My boyfriend told me to abort the baby. I was inclined to agree. However, my sister talked me out of it. Like you, she told me that it is a big sin before God. In the Kazakh society, it is a big embarrassment to conceive a child out of wedlock. Thank God, my boyfriend agreed to marry me, so that the baby was born when we were married. Unfortunately, we ended up divorced a few years later. Our son is 4 years old now. In spite of all the difficulties and challenges, I never felt regrets for not going through with the abortion. I fully agree with your counsel in your broadcast not to go through with abortions. There are better ways to deal with difficult circumstances. God seems to me much more real than ever before. Thank you!”

Gulshat:  “I am 37 years old and live in Taraz, south of Kazakhstan. I am a single mother of two children. I have never been married. I went through two big betrayals with men, the result of which was my two children. Your broadcast today on habits had much to say to me. I understand now that due to my bad habits, I got myself into quite a mess. Not so long ago I heard about Jesus and His forgiveness. It changed my life. I feel forgiven and accepted by Jesus now. However, I still struggle very much whenever I think about my children. They have no idea who their fathers are. I feel so sad and sorry for them. I also still struggle with deep hate towards men in general. I pray to God about this; however, I still struggle with it. Maybe you will have a good suggestion for me. What should I do?”


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