Thien's Story

Thien* is a ten-year-old girl, full of life and energy. She visits her friend’s home often as it is just a short distance from her school.

But this time when she came, Thien was sad and despondent.

Her family was falling apart. Her parents were divorcing each other, and they just told her that morning. Holding back tears, she started to listen to a radio program that her friend’s mother was just tuning in to…

…Her friend’s mother happened to be listening to a FEBC broadcast program on the speaker box she recently received from the church, so Thien joined in to listen also. It was a program on Biblical teaching on family relationships. After the program ended, Thien was full of tears and confided with her friend’s mother that her parents decided to divorce and had just told her that morning. Thien asked to borrow the speaker box to bring it home and share the message she just heard with her parents.

Two days later Thien’s dad took her back to see her friend’s mom and asked if they could keep the box longer to listen to more programs.

“My wife has been in depression for 2 years and things got worse and worse. We fight everyday and our home is as somber as a funeral home. I finally gave up and decided to leave the family. But then Thien brought home this speaker box and told both of us to listen…” There were many programs on the chip in the speaker box. They started with the series, “How to communicate with your spouse,” and now we’re listening to the series, “Who God is and how to know Him.”

With the encouragement to keep the speaker box and to keep on listening to the messages, Thien’s dad took the box home and two weeks later both he and his wife came back to see the lady friend.

“We decided not to divorce, but to stay together, and we are here to ask you about God and about how to go to church…”

(It took 2 months for Thien’s mom to become a believer and 6 months to recover from depression.  Thien’s father is attending church with the family, but has not decided publically yet to believe).

Pray for Thien’s father and for more stories like this that come to us from Vietnam.


*name changed to protect identity


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