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On October 16th, 2016, FEBC staff member Brett Junvik traveled to Kyrgyzstan to record the launch of our newest station. It required a race against time to the top of a 7,120 foot mountain with storms threatening. Upon his return, Brett shared this remarkable story:

“Our mission was to take a satellite dish to a mountaintop above the city of Toktogul. It was the last piece of equipment needed to complete the radio station, which would allow us to proclaim the Gospel for the first time to an estimated 200,000 Kyrgyz people.

“At the foot of the mountain, we had to transfer the dish from our car to an off-road vehicle to navigate the steep, narrow road. As I looked out my window, only a foot of loose dirt separated us from the edge of the cliff that dropped hundreds of feet below. Eagles soared just outside our window. When the station came into view, it was a beautiful sight, with the sun setting over the mountain peaks.

“I woke up at 4:30 am the next morning and looked out at the snow-peaked mountain range illuminated by a full moon. I dressed quickly and hurried out. I looked down at the city below, and I thought about the people sleeping in their homes.

“Suddenly, a sense of immense joy filled my heart. Yesterday there was no Gospel, no church, and no believers here. But once we flipped the switch, people could hear the Good News and discover salvation through Jesus Christ for the first time. I walked around the top of the mountain, praying that the hearts of the people would receive this life-changing message.”

“When the sun began to rise over the mountain peaks, it felt like the hands of God reaching out and blessing this isolated, forgotten place.

“It was a moment of indescribable anticipation when we flipped the switch and witnessed the new station’s first breaths of life. I heard the broadcasts come over the airwaves for the first time, and imagined people below hearing for the first time, as well.

“The following day we walked the streets of Toktogul, distributing radios and sharing news of the new station. The day after we left, a snowstorm blanketed the region. If we had attempted the ascent a day later, we wouldn’t have made it. God guided our every step.

“It is your prayers and support that helped make this new station in Kyrgyzstan possible. We’re so grateful for your partnership. Together, we will continue to share Christ with the world.”


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