A nomadic man and his horse in a rural part of Mongolia

On Good Friday, March 25th, FEBC Mongolia launched its 10th station on 106.5 FM in Sainshand City, in the East Gobi province of Mongolia. Sainshand City is a community of 30,000, which is made up a large contingent of people who work for the railroad company that crosses through the city. Buddhism has long been the predominant religion of this city bordering the parched Gobi Desert and has therefore resisted the Gospel in the past. Now, however, the community can hear FEBC broadcast 24/7 in their hometown.

Four major church leaders in Sainshand have signed an agreement to usher in the ministry of FEBC Mongolia, and have agreed to host the new radio station in Sainshand Mission Church. Listeners will be directed to this church, which will serve as a welcoming location for follow-up and fellowship with local believers and where people can learn more about Jesus.

The inauguration service for the station was attended by partnering churches, representatives from the local Medical University, KOICA – the Korean Volunteer Organization, and by the former Mayor of the city.

Sainshand is the last of the ‘3-Stations’ plan that FEBC Mongolia established in 2015-16 with the help of Moody Radio in Chicago, Reach Beyond and FEBC International Association.


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