We recently received the following story from a restricted country in Southeast Asia, and after hearing the story, our Southeast Asia staff were able to minister to her needs.

“I have listened to the This Life has an Answer program for more than 10 years now. I have Aids and knew first about HIV when I was carrying my baby. The doctor gave me medicine to keep my baby safe and she did not get infected. I became ill from my husband. He already died years ago so I have been a widow raising my daughter. I first listened to the radio program when my daughter was 3 years old and now she is a teenager of 15 years.

As I listened I believed in Jesus through the programs and asked God to help me and my daughter. I had little understanding and did not know of any believers in Jesus. My daughter finished her 3rd year of high school and I didn’t have the finances to send her to school anymore. But when I prayed, the village committee came and said they would assist her so that she can continue her studies. After that, the doctor has told me that my health was much better than others he’d seen with my long-term disease.

Another time we did not have food to eat, but again, in answer to my prayers, somehow a package was delivered in the mail with two meals. Praise God!

I receive a small pension from the government of $14 per month and I supplement this by separating paper and plastic for the factory. I get $4 for a pack of 1,000 bags. It is good work for me as I cannot work in the sun. I am greatly encouraged by the daily FEBC radio programs. I haven’t listened for the last month as my radio has died! I would love to have Christians from the church come visit me and minister to my soul.”

Once our FEBC team in Southeast Asia heard this, they contacted the nearest Church—a small group of around 10 members—who were very excited to go with the radio team. On 12th July, two of the Church members took the day off from their work and 6 of them joined the radio team. The team met the woman and agreed to pick her up and transport her to their church so she can worship with them each Sunday. The Church members lovingly answered all of her questions as they had come to know Jesus in a similar situation as she had. Special prayer was given for her teenage daughter for her health and daily life. The radio team left her with a new replacement radio and in the good continuing care of the Church members.


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