Kemerovo, Siberia is located in the center of a Russian coal-mining region and is the administrative center of the Kemerovo Oblast—one of the country’s most important and most industrialized regions. Years ago, a pastor in the area worked to build a rehab center for the city’s young drug addicts.

Besides its valuable coal deposits, Kemerovo is known for being home to tough, tenacious young men. However, many of these young men are also addicted to drugs.

Using Satellite to Bring the Gospel to Drug Addicts

During the rehab center’s construction, Pastor Vladislav installed a satellite dish on the building and used it to tune in to FEBC’s broadcasts. Overtime, the men began actively engaging with the station by calling in, sharing their experiences and asking questions. Pastor Vladislav currently uses the broadcasts because of the practical, Bible-based teaching they provide to the young men battling drug addiction.

“It proved to be incredibly valuable, because I saw how those young guys who knew nothing about Christ came to life as they listened to your broadcasts,” he said. After seeing the response at the rehab center, Pastor Vladislav installed a dish at his home and at his church.

“For our young people, FEBC broadcasts became a great model for talking to non-Christians, helping them see their need for a Savior, and finding a way to share the Good News,” he said. Pastor Vladislav was also one of the first to begin using FEBC’s new phone app that was introduced last year. Now, FEBC is always with him: in the car, on a bus trip or at a restaurant.

Using FEBC’s App as a Tool for Evangelism

“I listen all the time and am encouraged and blessed,” he said. Because of the FEBC logo on Pastor Vladislav’s phone case, he is regularly stopped by people and provided with the opportunity to evangelize. During their conversations he helps them install the FEBC app—which takes less than a minute—giving them the ability to listen to FEBC’s broadcasts on their own.

Living deep in Siberia, Pastor Vladislav sees how hopeless and desperate the young men are for the Good News. “The men and women of Siberia are dying without Christ, but we can give them hope,” he said. By sharing his access to FEBC’s broadcasts Pastor Vladislav gives people the opportunity to hear the gospel and become children of God for eternity. When FEBC’s resources are placed in the hands of people like Pastor Vladislav, not only are more people able to hear the gospel message, but more people are also provided with the pastoral care needed to cultivate true and enduring faith.

“I love you, brothers. Thank you for being there for us,” he said.

Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Kemerovo, Siberia. Pray that FEBC’s radio broadcasts will continue to minister and bring healing to the city’s young men who are battling drug addiction and that Pastor Vladislav will continue to be presented with opportunities to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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