Villagers from a remote region of Southeast Asia gather in a field


Some of our most remote listeners live in extremely isolated mountain regions of Southeast Asia. Recently, members of our team went back to visit a group of listeners whose last contact had been 4 years ago.

Carrying new radios to distribute, our team traveled across borders, bumpy roads and walked 5 days through the mountains in order to reach the village. When they arrived, they found that the radios they had distributed 4 years ago had become treasured possessions of the villagers. The radios were carefully unwrapped to listen to the half-hour daily broadcast, and then wrapped again and gently put away until the next day.

Although the treasured, old radios had been taken care of, the villagers were still in need of more radios. Because this village does not have electricity, the new shortwave radios were received with delight and joy.

With some of the villagers leaving for 4-5 months at a time in order to take care of their goat herds, this shortwave radio is their only access to the Gospel; in fact, they consider the radio to be their pastor. One preacher has even written down 600 sermons from the shortwave programs in his own language. Praise the Lord for shortwave radio, providing God’s Word of truth and light to those living in isolated regions!


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