Mrs. Vech couldn’t walk, kept off her feet by a serious back problem.

As a 60-year-old widow in rural Cambodia, she had little money and few resources, making life extremely difficult.

When a pastor came to her village and shared the Gospel with her, she accepted Christ into her heart. She prayed for healing and her back was restored, allowing her to walk again.

Yet, when hen her family heard that she had accepted Christ, they rejected her, cutting all ties. She began to feel lonely again, worried and discouraged that no one loved her.

Then she was given a radio by FEBC staff who came to her village. She began listening to Family FM, our local station in Cambodia. The programs she heard gave her a renewed sense of hope, as she rediscovered God’s love in her life.

“I thank Family FM because they helped me grow in my faith,” Mrs. Vech says. Now when neighbors in her village tell her to go to the local pagoda and pray, she simply tells them, “I have God who brings me peace and love, and that’s all I need.”

Mrs. Vech is now 72-years-old and has two grown children and grandchildren. No longer does she worry about what will happen to her when she dies.

“I know I’ll be with Jesus in heaven…I love Family FM with all my heart and I love Jesus with all my heart.”

 Hear more stories like Mrs. Vech’s and discover how you can give radios to those in Hardest to Reach countries.

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