Be prepared…that’s our approach at FEBC-Indonesia, as we wait on God to bring opportunities to share the Good News. And while we wait, we pray and build relationships with people through our broadcasts and outreach.

While the results may not be quick in this predominantly Muslim nation, we are grateful for your support and steadfast prayers. The following three listeners are a few of the many whose lives have been changed through our Christ-centered messages.

Suyadi, a 21-year-old Muslim, tuned in to FEBC and discovered our broadcasts that made him feel calm and peaceful. He also joined an FEBC Bible study that was developed for listeners with Buddhist and Muslim backgrounds. “The Word of God kept bringing me back,” he explained. After listening for several months, Suyadi became a member of a local church and was baptized.


When Meifang was a child, her siblings took her to church, but when she grew up she married a Buddhist and became a devout follower herself. A year after Meifang’s marriage, she gave birth to a baby who soon died. Months later her husband contracted lung cancer. In spite of her attempts to find peace, she only found suffering. Her heart became increasingly hardened and she turned away from her Christian siblings, insisting she hated Christianity.

In desperation, Meifang’s siblings pleaded with her to listen to FEBC-Indonesia to grapple with her heartaches. Reluctantly, she tuned in and heard about God for the first time since she was a child. From that day on, she listened faithfully and eventually turned to Christ. “God helped me face the heartbreak in my life,” she shared, “and I want to know Him more.”


Born into a very poor family, Budi never attended school and was illiterate. Due to blindness in one eye, his parents considered him a handicap and neglected him. Now in his elderly years and having recently suffered a stroke, relatives do not visit or care for him. Unable to read or watch television, Budi turned to radio where he discovered FEBC. The broadcasts helped him learn about acceptance, forgiveness, and God’s grace. Budi no longer feels bitter towards his family. “I have surrendered myself to God,” he explained.

Budi now assists at a local church, distributing offering plates and liturgy papers. People from church often visit him, and one of them is teaching him how to read. “Listening to FEBC makes me feel much less lonely,” he shared, “like I have a friend. But it’s also changing my life, helping me get rid of bitterness that poisoned me.”

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