It’s 7am in the Philippines. In a village in Cabacungan, Philippines, Romeo De Jose works in the sugarcane fields, listening to a sermon on the radio. A hundred miles away, preschool teacher Marivic Loyola arrives at the Great Shepherd Baptist Church near Bacolod City, turning on the radio to a children’s Bible story programs that will play for the 40+ kids who attend her school. And at an orphanage beneath Mt. Canlaon, the children are waking up and going to breakfast, where a radio is playing Christian worship songs that the children have memorized and begin to hum as they eat.

These are just a few of the scenes that play out in the Philippines—where radio programs are people’s constant companions throughout the day.

Now picture what this must be like in all the other places FEBC radio is heard.
In each country we work in, as more and more stations go up, the need for more radios increases.

As we distributed radios in the Philippines to pre-identified groups that desperately needed to hear the Gospel, more people gathered who wanted radios, but we just didn’t have enough for everyone.

Seeing the looks on their faces grieved us, and it inspired us to launch this campaign to raise 2,000 radios and reach up to 50,000 people by October 31st.

What fills us with anguish is our inability to provide radios to all those who long for one. We would love nothing more than to place them in the hands of those who hunger for them. . . the only limitation is the money to supply them!

At $30 per radio, it will take $60,000 to distribute 2,000 radios to those who are mired in poverty, threatened with persecution, or isolated from fellowship with other Christians.

Whatever the amount of the gift you can share, please send it right away, because we receive calls, letters, and emails from people every day who say,
“I want to know more about the Jesus you proclaim.”

Your gift of radios means that those who long to know more about Jesus can tune in and hear the Gospel.

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