Mr. Anam* is a son of an Imam (Muslim cleric) and lives in the southern part of Pakistan. He came to know about our shortwave broadcasts through his friend, some 4 years ago. They started listening in together, sometimes in the fields near their village, and other times on their way to school.

After listening for a number of years, Anam started questioning the Muslim faith he’d grown up with, asking his father about the Quran, and the Bible. Last year in October, Anam attended a FEBC listeners’ get-together, staying with the local staff for 4 nights. It was his first time experiencing Christian fellowship, as well as discussing Christian topics with people trained in understanding the Bible.

Later on, he shared with our team: “I was very confused and uncertain about the things Bible teaches us about salvation, good deeds, and the sacrifice Jesus gave for all of mankind. It is not easy to digest for a person like me, who had been reciting the Quran since the age of 3. My father is very respected and well known in the surrounding towns and cities because of his strict discipline and well-versed sermons as an Imam.

“I started asking my father hard questions about my future after death, and asked him who he thought Jesus was. Sometimes he was speechless, but mostly he reacted in anger and frustration and ordered me not to read or even touch the Holy Bible again. He said that it is not the true Word of God because Christians have changed it too much. But secretly, I started listening to FEBC programs and reading my Bible on my own. I then contacted the audience relations department of FEBC in Pakistan.

“I asked them all the hard questions I’d been asking my father, and had many long conversations with a few of them on the phone. The radio team there guided me throughout my faith journey, and clarified my misunderstandings about Christ and Christianity. They played a vital role in introducing me to Jesus Christ, and because of them I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I have peace and love in my heart for the entire world now, despite color, cast or creed.”

Anam’s father is still an Imam today, and twice a month he travels to meet with another Muslim cleric to get counseled. Slowly, Anam’s father became more tolerant of his son’s new faith, and he now asks Anam to fill in for him when he is away. This has given Anam an extremely unique opportunity to speak about Christianity and Jesus Christ inside a mosque to Muslim believers!

“This is the time when I preach and share from the Bible—mostly from the Sermon on the Mount. They are surprised by the teaching I present to them, but they really enjoy it, speaking highly of me to my father. I am so grateful to FEBC who had really worked hard and led me to find the way. May God bless you all to lead people out of the darkness and into the light of truth.”


*name changed due to security



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