“When we pray together, it will be done by our Father in Heaven.”

(Matthew 18:19)

Across the world, the message of Jesus Christ is facing fierce persecution. But God is moving. He is reaching into closed countries with the message of the Gospel, and Christian communities are growing in some of the most dangerous places of the world.

People are risking their lives to listen to the Gospel and learn more about God.

And consistently, they cry out to us asking for our prayers. They need to know there are Christians around the world who care about what they are going through . . . who are standing with them as one body—brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is why we need you to take a stand today. FEBC regularly hears the latest from listeners in remote areas around the world, and we are mobilizing a group of prayer warriors to send the message that the persecuted church is not alone. We ask that today, you will join our team of faithful partners in lifting up the plight of millions of people in places like North Korea, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and other countries where people are trapped in spiritual darkness.

Please stand with us today. And when you complete the form below to join our team of prayer warriors, we’ll send you the FEBC COVID-19 International Prayer Guide to give you insight on how to pray for others in diverse nations during this global pandemic.

Yes, I will take a stand for Christians around the world.

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