Prayers and Praise from Thailand


“I have many worries troubling me and would like you all to pray for me. I am old and I worry about my daughter’s work. She is moving to a new place of work. As for my middle son, he doesn’t have work yet. Please pray that he would be freed from drinking and smoking. May God give him the victory over these things. My youngest son is not interested in matters concerning God, as he should be. Please pray for him to want God more and more, and for me that I will have wisdom and patience in taking care of my children so they will grow in the way of the Lord. May God bless each one of you.”

-Mr. S.*

“There are times when I am alone and it is very quiet and lonely because my husband died almost 2 years ago now. Sometimes I am about to give up because of my problems but then I think of God and I am at peace in my heart. I have 2 sons who’ve never been brave enough to say, “I love you Mother,” but every day I know they do love me, even if they don’t say it.”

-Mrs. P*

  • One of our listeners recently had the Lord work on her behalf when her Buddhist priest relative changed his mind and allowed her to be an open Christian in their village. However, soon afterwards she was diagnosed with a brain infection. Praise God she has a small Church to care for her as the only Believer in her village. Pray for her 15-year-old daughter who is a bit of a rebellious teen with friends who are bad influences.
  • Rains have held up other visits to listeners and some staff had to walk through floods to come to work because vehicles have been at a standstill. Pray for safety in using motorbikes in the floods.
  • Praise God for the response to one of our radio dramas (of a lonely, elderly Mother abandoned by her children) for Mother’s Day (the Queen’s birthday). There has also been a good response to the short dramas on the life of Joseph. Listeners have to reply to a question about Joseph from the drama – so they are listening carefully.
  • Pray for the husband of a staff member who is due to have heart surgery in 6 months’ time. There was some anxiety when he was admitted to ICU a couple of weeks ago. Pray for the health of all staff and their families.
Write your prayer in the comment box below, and we’ll send it to Thailand to encourage staff and listeners.


Thank you for partnering with us in praying for the needs of our listeners.

*names withheld for security purposes



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