Philippines Update: First Response in Tacloban After Typhoon Haiyan

philippines-typhoon-haiyan-flooded-streetPhoto CC  Nove foto da Firenze

We’re on the Air in Tacloban!

FEBC’s First Response disaster team is on the air in hardest-hit Tacloban City!

In spite of immense challenges to get into this ravaged area and find a power source, our First Response team quickly constructed a low-power FM station, which at this very moment is delivering critical news through 98.7 Tacloban.

Team members are also distributing 1,000 portable radios, to help survivors within a 10 km range learn where they can get food, water, medical assistance, shelter and even how to locate loved ones.

Give Emergency Radios

We thank God that FEBC’s team was able to find power, assemble our portable suitcase studio and transmitter and get on the air so quickly. Due to the devastating impact of Typhoon Haiyan, all local TV and radio stations are down. FEBC is one of the only sources for life-saving information to people struggling to stay alive.

Here’s the latest news from our team:

We’ve come to a place that is indescribable. The situation is really bad. It’s a picture of desperation and desolation. There’s no power and the stench is overpowering. The city looks like a ghost town, with people lining up at airports and piers to get out of Tacloban.

People are clueless about where to find services of any kind. They’re walking for hours to find information.  By providing radios, they will hear where to go and what services they can find. Local volunteers are slowly becoming a part of our broadcast team. Pray for us!

Please pray for:

  • Survivors who are desperate for food, water, and any news of comfort and hope.
  • Our First Response team. All resources have been destroyed in Tacloban and the team must be 100% self-sufficient. Pray that the Lord will protect them and give them wisdom as they broadcast help and hope. Pray that people will tune in through our portable radios or through their cell phones.
  • The security situation in Tacloban is unstable, with the army being called in to help restore order. Martial law may be imposed. Pray for order to be restored so that aid agencies can get into the affected areas and deliver food, water, and medical assistance.
  • Authorities in the local communities to provide good leadership.

If you’d like to help, please Give Emergency RadiosYour support will make it possible for FEBC to provide radios and life-saving information to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan!  Thank you.

Give Emergency Radios


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  1. says

    thank GOD, for your response but bear in mind also that not only tacloban that is in need but also in Iloilo. please take a look at them, they are also in a difficult situation, suffering from hunger, sicknesses, they are also devastated by typhoon yolanda, so please help and cater them also thanks po. The focus is in tacloban how about other places like Iloilo and other places suffering the same situation brought by typhoon yolanda. Thank you po talaga sa attention ibibigay nyo rin po sa other places like Iloilo. GOD BLESS you more for the services given to them, to GOD BE THE GLORY.Mabuhay FEBC thank you po.