African-Village-HousesIn March 2009, FEBC began broadcasting to an unreached people group in northeast Africa who are predominantly Muslim.  Since they are also oral learners* – learning by listening to stories in their heartlanguage rather than through words – they especially respond to FEBC’s chronological Bible storytelling. As they memorize the stories they hear, they also learn about the life, person, and work of Jesus Christ, about biblical values, and what it means to follow Him.

Recently, we heard from Akmal**, a believer from this people group.

Akmal’s Bold Declaration

When the people of Akmal’s village first realized he was different, he boldly told them he was a follower of Jesus.  They persecuted him and he left.  However, four years ago he was allowed to return and live among them again.

Even though Akmal and others in his village openly worshipped Jesus and some were secret believers, most people remained antagonistic to the gospel.

Until the radio programs started in their own language.

Now, when Akmal visits his relatives, he carries his radio and when the time comes, he tunes into the program and all his Muslim family quietly listen.  Akmal says they like the program because it is the only one they can find on the radio in their own language, and most listeners like the songs and stories.

Trusting Broadcasts in Their Own Language

Akmal believes the programs will bring a change in the lives of listeners, and he praises God for the opportunity the broadcasts have given him to share the Good News with his people in a positive way.

Quote from FEBC staff member: “When programs are heard in the heart language of a people group, listeners feel as if the broadcaster is talking about their needs and they trust what is being said.”

*67% of the world’s population are non-literate oral learners

**not his real name

Listener Letter: “Your radio program is wonderful!  There are many Muslims where I live.  Your Friday broadcast helps me understand the difference between the Bible and the Koran. Please pray for me because I want to witness to Muslim people.”


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