The rain turned the remote, back roads of West Kalimantan, Indonesia into raging muddy rivers. In spite of this, three volunteers for FEBC’s Indonesia station, YASKI, jumped onto the backs of motorcycles and started their journey.

They carried devotionals, radios and other forms of support for pastors and evangelists living in remote, poor areas of the region. Many pastors in these communities struggle to support themselves and their ministries, because their congregations are so desperately poor.

Yet, one pastor named Yandi* had a unique idea to solve this problem; one that would have a great impact on his surrounding community…

Pastor Yandi wrote to YASKI, our station in Indonesia, and told us of his specific and unusual request: he needed money to fund a catfish breeding business.

Poverty and financial hardship are prevalent in Yandi’s community in Seberek Nanga Pinyoh, West Kalimantan. However, as a faithful listener, Yandi knew that YASKI was committed to helping Christian communities support each other, often providing pastors with capital to buy livestock and crops that will then support their own families.

With the money Yandi received from YASKI, he bought 5,000 catfish eggs – and his business flourished.

“Praise the Lord, in 1 year I have harvested 4 times and I sold them in the city. I used the money to fulfill my daily needs and to continue my catfish business,” Yandi wrote in his next letter, adding that he was also able to buy a motorcycle for his ministry with the surplus.

Pastors in Indonesia rarely receive a salary or stipend from their church. Instead, they have to find alternate ways to support themselves or they can’t afford to continue their ministry.

Because of his faith and the blessing of 5,000 catfish eggs, Yandi is able to financially support himself, and assist seven different evangelists in his area.

“YASKI’s ministry to the remote areas is blessing many people,” he said. “My prayers are for YASKI to continue supporting evangelists in remote areas throughout Indonesia.”

By braving the muddy roads and rainstorms, the YASKI staff is able to extend a lifeline to their broadcast listeners, empowering them to then share the Good News of the Gospel to their own communities.



*name changed to protect identity


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