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A typical day in Pao’s life never really had any meaning, until, one day, he heard a message on the radio.

Even though Pao’s radio had many stations, finding a program in his Hmong language was unusual.

The broadcaster that day told the story of Moses and the first Passover.  Pao was intrigued by God’s provision to protect His people from the Angel of Death sent to destroy Egypt’s firstborn. The broadcaster also explained God’s plan to deliver His people out of slavery.

As an ethnic Hmong minority, Pao also struggled with persecution and injustice, so the Israelites’ story of deliverance resonated with him.  He knew what he heard was true, and he believed that God could be his deliverer, so he dedicated his life to Christ.

This decision had a dramatic effect on Pao. He stopped beating his wife, drinking, and worshipping idols.  As a result of his remarkable transformation, the whole village decided to believe in God.

During this time in the early 1990s, many Hmong were turning to Christ, and persecution against them escalated. Many had to move to different villages to make a living. Unafraid, Pao traveled from village to village, sharing the gospel of Jesus.

While Pao never attended school, he learned to read the Bible. He also attended an extension course to know how to witness to others.  Since he became a Christian, he has brought more than 50 ethnic Hmong to Jesus. Currently, Pao oversees five churches, with 400-500 believers in each.

God has accomplished much through Pao because of his faith and obedience.  Many others have felt the impact of his decision to follow Christ. Broadcasts in various languages such as the Hmong language are able to change the lives of people like Pao and spread the Gospel to unreached people groups.

 Pao’s story comes from Southeast Asia, one of the Hardest to Reach regions with the Gospel. 


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