God’s Word is like fire; it sets hearts ablaze. And when God’s Word is shared, truth penetrates our hearts, grips our minds, moves our emotions and, best of all, engages our wills toward spiritual transformation.

Right now, Far East Broadcasting Company [FEBC] is bringing biblical truth and hope to one of the most sensitive parts of the world.

Pakistan is dominated by Islam. Christians struggle with persecution on a daily basis; they are shunned by family and friends. Still, many Muslims are desperately seeking after God and open to the truth of the Gospel. They just need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Sammy Lyall, Director of Far East Broadcasting in Pakistan, has a front-row seat to God’s mighty work in this difficult area:

“We were strictly forbidden to use the name of Christ. So through community development, we started attracting attention of people. Then our broadcasters started getting calls. We started sharing Christ through relationships. It’s all about relationships.”

He continued, sharing the story of one listener who responded with great faith; “‘After listening to the program, I have come to the conclusion that Jesus Christ is the only Savior.'”

Learn more about Pakistan by downloading our free infographic

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