Community Development

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Sharing the Gospel Holistically through Building Relationships

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Sharing the Gospel may seem suspicious at first, especially to those who have never met a Christian or heard of Jesus Christ. Therefore, building relationships is the heart of our ministry model.

With Jesus as our example, local staff and team members reach out to listeners by writing letters and emails, taking phone calls, making personal visits, and engaging in care and counseling. Through their heartfelt actions FEBC Christian radio broadcasts become accepted—even treasured—and individuals, families and communities are transformed.

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Special Ministries

People who are hurt, hungry, and hopeless need to know that they are not alone and someone cares. FEBC has designed special ministries tackle these social problems and to tangibly share Christ with those that need to hear how precious they are. While addressing their spiritual needs, these ministries also ease their physical and emotional burdens as well, initiating true holistic transformation and social change.


Some of those programs include:

  • Marriage Seminars
  • Prison Visitation
  • Building Homes
  • Social Justice

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Christian Radio Programming

Our deepest desire is to serve as a bridge introducing listeners to their local church. In concert with (and often hosted by) local Christians and pastors, we develop Christian radio programs to cover a variety of needs including:

  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership and seminary training
  • Church mobilization
  • Christian literature distribution
  • Broadcasts designed for women, children and teens


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