Programs for the Family

Earlier this year there was a special meeting organized by Wind FM, FEBC Mongolia’s main station, for men and fathers. This meeting addressed problems that occur in many Mongolian homes where men are alcoholics, abuse their family and neglect responsibilities. The FEBC team at Wind FM has long produced programs that give Biblical insight on to how to raise a Godly family, but much of the programs have been aimed at their principal audience, which are middle-aged women.

After receiving feedback from several listeners who said they wanted more family programming aimed at men, Wind FM has been preparing 3-4 new programs focusing on encouraging fathers. The programs center on preparing men to be better fathers in the eyes of God; good husbands, and faithful heads of their households.

Psychological Advice

Since 2014, Wind FM has focused on providing psychological education against divorce, which is a major problem in Ulaanbaatar, the capital. That’s why 2 years ago, a women’s psychological club was started under the supervision of a professional psychologist. At the club, women share their problems with one another and discuss how to solve them, while the psychologist also adds input as to the best approach.

Many domestic problems in Mongolia are kept in the dark, but by bringing the issues out into the light, Mongolian families can understand and address their problems.

Future Stations

In addition to these programs, the FEBC Mongolia team has been praying that God would open doors to launch new stations in other parts of the country. Three provinces in the easternmost part of Mongolia are being explored. Pray for these potential areas.


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