“I became a Christian in 2010. Since then, FEBC’s programs have stood by me all along. Their messages have led me through different stages of life and supplied my needs.


“I’m particularly interested in their program for the H–* people called ‘Grace and Truth’, as I live in an area where a large group of Muslims live. I’d like to learn some methods and be equipped with relevant knowledge through FEBC’s program, to be able to share the Gospel with my Muslim friends; I always recommend your program to them.


“One of the members of a H–* family I work for is an imam, an Islamic teacher at a mosque. When he learned that his son had become a Christian, serious conflicts arose among his family members. Thanks be to God, when the parents witnessed their son making a monumental change in his life after believing in Jesus, they were so curious, they were willing to look closely at what caused those changes. I then referred them to FEBC’s program ‘Mercy and Truth’ and then witnessed gradual changes in their lives too. The challenges they face, if they follow their son’s path, is not only an issue of personal choice of religion, but a long family history of following Islam. It will be a difficult situation, but with God all things are possible.


“There are 23 million people in the region where I live and 60% are Muslims. I know it is God’s plan for me to care about and love the unreached ethnic people in this area who are not following the Lord.”

-Ms. C.*


*names omitted due to security concerns
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