Hot Tea, a talk show program for women, is a staple of FEBC-Mongolia’s weekly line-up. A variety of issues are raised by the host that often focuses on relationships. Listeners are encouraged to call in and share their opinions. During the course of the discussion, the host offers a biblical perspective.

Recently, self-worth was the topic of the day and Ms. Oyunchimeg fortunately tuned in. She learned a lot more than she expected!

“I knew I was worth something, but I didn’t realize it came from God. Ever since I was a child, I sensed there was a Divine presence out there, but I had no idea what God was like.”

After listening to Hot Tea, Ms. Oyunchimeg called FEBC’s radio station and asked to meet with the host, to find out more about God.

“It was the first time I had ever heard the Good News. I was so excited!

“In the past I had always condemned myself; my self-worth was really distorted because of problems I’d experienced in past relationships. Now I’ve committed my life to God and He’s changing me and my sense of self-worth. Thank you for your programs. I might never have heard about Jesus if I hadn’t tuned in that day!”

Praise God for His great work and sovereignty over our lives.




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