Muslim-children-smileIn a country where Christianity is lived out under heavy persecution, FEBC broadcasts are heard daily. Despite the burning of her church and the threat of physical harm to herself and her family, one Gospel broadcaster we call “Ruth” has been reaching children through an after-school program for 100 Muslim children 3 times a week since 1997.

In addition to tutoring them in math and reading skills, the children learn biblical principles, sing Christian songs, and hear stories from the Bible. They also receive free medical and dental care, as well as monthly care packs that include soap, toothpaste/toothbrush, and nutrition bars.

“I’m planting seeds among these children,” Ruth shares, “and I believe it will effect a change in them to embrace Christians. It’s these children who will shape our future. Many of my aides were once young children who attended my classes.  Now they’re teaching the younger ones stories from the Bible!”

New Ministry to Moms

Recently, Ruth expanded her ministry to include many of the mothers who accompany the children.  While engaging them with instruction on handicrafts, Ruth also shares concepts from the Bible, such as family values, parental responsibilities, and marital love and commitment.  She also cites verses from the Bible. Through Ruth’s ministry, the Good News is making its way into the homes and hearts of the people in her community.


There are more than 1.5 billion followers of Islam worldwide. Through Project Isa (“Isa” is the name used for Jesus in the Koran), FEBC shares the love of Jesus with Muslims in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Indonesia and many more around the world.


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