FEBC listeners in many parts of the world brave persecution and threats to their lives just to hear our broadcasts. In many regions of Pakistan, a country in which the Taliban continues to operate, the Gospel message is even banned.

“There is corruption, injustice, fraud, hatred, oppression, and extortion in our society,” says a listener in Pakistan.

Pakistani listeners hear messages of hate everyday from religious extremists, which makes the broadcasts of love they hear from FEBC so refreshing.

As one listener writes, “The message of Jesus Christ is so badly needed right now.”

FEBC International currently broadcasts in 4 languages in Pakistan, including morning and evening transmissions. Subjects range from Christian songs in local languages to various programs on the teachings of Jesus, and the Gospel.

As one FEBC staff member commented, “We find that our listeners throughout the Muslim world are surprised when we demonstrate a Christ-like love through our broadcasts and actions.  It’s disarming, and they are drawn into the source of this love.”

A listener writes, “We so appreciate [FEBC International] broadcasts. You are delivering a message of love to people; your programs are a light in the darkness.”


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