A man who had been given the death sentence for murder got hold of a radio while in prison and tuned into an FEBC broadcast one day.  He had lost all hope in his life and saw no purpose for living.

But when he listened to FEBC, he discovered that there was a source for hope in the person of Jesus Christ.  By listening to the broadcasts, his heart was changed.  He eventually wrote to Saya*, the director of FEBC-Myanmar, to share his changed life and to express his desire to be released from jail one day. Though the two never met, Saya prayed and wrote to the man, to encourage him in his faith.

Over time, the man changed so much that his jailers miraculously released him from prison. When he was free, he decided to go looking for Saya, to thank him for his prayers and encouraging letters.

One day Saya opened his door and found a stranger on his doorstep.

“I’m the person you prayed for and wrote to when I was in prison,” he told Saya.  When Saya realized who it was that stood before him, he reached out and embraced the man, strangers no more.

Given the death penalty and devoid of any hope for life, this man now serves the Lord through full-time ministry in Myanmar.

*fictitious name to protect identity


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