Lonely Little Bird

Little Bird suffers from cerebral palsy and is unable to take care of herself.  Even so, she still manages, with the tip of her nose and her chin, to use the computer to “sow potatoes”—that is, to do the work of God and spread the Word.  Her story deeply touched me, and then I suddenly realized— the medical organization I work for could very well help Little Bird.  But where did she live?  And could we possibly plan such a trip?  Thank God for His guidance and preparation.  Through the help of a volunteer from the broadcasting station, we were able to plan a visit to Little Bird in mid-May.  A team of Rehabilitation Therapists from Australia and the Mainland gave Little Bird a physical check-up, the results of which were used to design a rehabilitation plan that would increase her ability to self-manage.  While working with Little Bird, we were deeply moved by her incredible will and drive.

lonely-little-birdHowever, Little Bird’s faithfulness to God and her family’s love touched me even more.  Little Bird’s family lives in the countryside, where there is only one pastor who travels from village to village preaching.  Every time the pastor comes to Little Bird’s village, her mother uses a rope to tie Little Bird’s wheelchair to the back of her motorbike so they can go and listen to the pastor preach.  The trip takes around 40 minutes.

When we were preparing to send Little Bird and her family home, her father took out $2,000 dollars in cash and insisted on donating it to our organization.  He wanted us to use the funds to help other children with cerebral palsy, who Little Bird really cares for.  The family isn’t wealthy and the father is not yet a believer, but he was still willing to give a significant offering to the Lord!  That was a remarkable gesture!

After a few days of getting to know Little Bird, we once again experienced God’s amazing guidance and understood that His will is truly perfect.  Recently, we’ve received photos and emails from Little Bird.  We were overjoyed to see that she already can use a spoon by herself!  We’re so happy for her.  Please pray that God will give her the strength to go through the very arduous rehabilitation process.  Pray also that God will save her father, and use Little Bird to bring the Gospel to even more people, so that through Good Friend Radio or any other means, they might come to know God, experience Him, serve Him, and glorify Him!

China Radio Ministry

  • Reaches over 10 million people daily
  • Preaches the Gospel, provides encouragement for Christians, and trains leaders
  • Transforms the hearts of listeners like Lonely Little Bird

Facts about Cerebral Palsylonely-little-bird-therapy

  • Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of disorders that affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture.
  • There are 3 types of CP:
    • Stiff muscles (spasticity)
    • Uncontrollable movements (dyskinesia)
    • Poor balance and coordination (ataxia)
    • Most people have mixed CP, a combination of multiple types
  • CP is cause by injuries to the brain while in the womb or during birth. A small pecentage is caused by injury to the brain in the infant years of development
  • Effects of CP involve: muscle tightness, spasms, involuntary movement, difficulty swallowing, problems with speech, abnormal sensation and perception, impairment of sight and hearing, lack of bladder and bowel control, seizures, learning disabilities, and/or mental retardation.
  • There is currently no cure for CP, though proper treatment and physical therapy can improve muscle coordination and minimize dysfunction
  • An estimated 310,000 people in China suffer from CP


Emails from Lonely Little Bird / Sunshine Girl



9/8/2009 - Letter from a Lonely Little Bird

Dear Program Anchor,

“……  I have cerebral palsy, and I cannot take care of myself. I rely on my mother to take care of me for all of my daily routines. I have been in depression for the past two years, and I do not know what the future holds for me.  My language impairment makes it difficult for me to communicate with people surrounding me. Therefore, I tend to hide myself in my room, avoiding any human contacts except my mother, because I am really afraid of facing those strange looks at me.”



2/6/2010 - Letter from the Sunshine Girl

Dear Program Anchor,

“…….That lonely, little bird is back!  I have renamed myself the Sunshine Girl!  I used to think that religion is for the middle-aged and old folks only…….., and it’s not easy for me to believe that there is a God!   In one sleepless night during the lowest point of my life, I turned on the radio sitting beside my pillow, and I remembered clearly that you were responding to a letter from a high school student. I could not explain why I was so moved by that inspiring conversation. In other words, I have been addicted to your program ever since!

“Frankly speaking, I cannot believe it myself that a person like me could be attracted to your program, and hence led me to believing in God.  Although I still have a lot of unanswered questions and problems that cannot be reconciled, I believe one day God will reveal to me that the days I have lived through are not all in vain, and He has a purpose in my life. Please continue to pray for me.”


11/4/2010 - Letter from the Sunshine Girl

“……Because of my physical disabilities at birth, I have often been a target for some adverse, psychological hints for my life. And those hints, whether with good or bad intentions, have often caused inner pains in me that no normal person can imagine and understand.  For a long, long time, I was living in depression and pain.

“Now, all those things have become unimportant to me.  I realize that my physical disabilities and emotional wounds cannot be healed in my life. However, from the day your program which has led me to accept Christ, there has been a miraculous transformation in my life; there is unspeakable inner peace in me. That inner peace has suddenly has healed all my wounds. I am therefore living in peace and harmony each and every day. Moreover, there has been a surprising, positive improvement in my physical health. No one can deny that all these are God’s wonderful doings, and I am deeply grateful.

“Please continue to pray for me so that I can be more physically independent. Believe it or not, I can use the tip of my nose and my lower chin to operate my laptop, although I cannot get my limbs to coordinate freely.”


4/11/2011 - Letter from the Sunshine Girl

Dear Big Brother,

“This is my picture. Frankly speaking, I would not have the courage to send you my personal photo, because I was always thinking that my looks were too……!  Ha, Ha.  I have not liked to have my picture taken ever since my childhood, because of my facial spasm. I could not bear to look at my own picture, let alone sending it to others. You can imagine what I did this with a of courage on my part!

“I believe that the first lesson God has instilled in me is to learn to accept myself.  This is not a easy lesson for me, because the most significant symptom for my illness is the sudden occurrence of high muscle tension, especially in the midst of strangers; my mouth and face become askew, and my limbs twitching, to say the least of my speech. For a long time, when strangers first saw me, they thought I was mentally handicapped. No one would speak to me like they would do to a normal person. Can you understand the feelings of a disabled person who otherwise has normal mentality and maturity, but being treated like a three-year- old child? My spontaneous reaction was to escape from all these unjustified treatments. Often times, I think what I have lost is not only happiness in life, but also the most basic human dignity and respect from others!

“I have been complaining a lot over the years, and have never really examined what I actually do process. My parents have raised me for the last twenty years. My mother has given up everything she rightfully deserves for my sake.  Yet I have not shown any gratitude towards them!

“My mother has experienced a lot of up and downs in her life. I want to write about her life as a testimony for others. I wrote one paragraph a while ago, but unfortunately I was interrupted by an unexpected breakdown of my laptop, which wiped out my documents.  Therefore, I am in the pause mode.”


3/24/2012 - Letter from the Sunshine Girl
“Greetings to all,………I have problems going online recently. I can only be online once a week, therefore, I am busy with planting seeds on Tu Dou as soon as I got on the internet. This is the reason why I did not have time to leave you a message, and it was not really my fault. If I were not hard at work in planting more seeds, I would have been kicked out by my big uncle for sure. Ha, Ha….. I am so happy that I can serve the Lord along side with you guys. Thank you very much for your concern and support, and I promise you that I will live a happy life each and every day!”


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